I'm relatively new to channels and was using Channels v1.x.x groups easily, 
but after v2.0.0 update and reading the documentation

# This example uses WebSocket consumer, which is synchronous, and so
# needs the async channel layer functions to be converted.
from asgiref.sync import AsyncToSync

class ChatConsumer(WebsocketConsumer):

    def connect(self):
        AsyncToSync(self.channel_layer.group_add)("chat", self.channel_name)

    def disconnect(self):
        AsyncToSync(self.channel_layer.group_discard)("chat", self.channel_name)

Enter code here...

channel_layer, channel_name are always NoneType and exception occurs.

Is that because I didn't configure channel layers? But in the old version I 
also used the in memory type and Groups were working well.

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