Currently it's simple to configure a filter on a foreign key in the admin:

`list_filter = ['theforeignkeyfield']`

However in practice this is barely usable in most cases that I've 
encountered, since the admin uses RelatedFieldListFilter, which fetches the 
full list of objects from the DB and loads them into the browser. For any 
production site that either times out or makes the admin unusably slow, not 
to mention the UX is terrible as it inserts a list of all of the items into 
the filter bar that needs to be scrolled through.

I'm not sure if this is fixed in 2.0 (I haven't played with the new select2 
integration that was added), but is there a plugin / workaround to use 
something like django-autocomplete-light, or a `raw_id_field` type approach 
in pre-2.0?

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