class SampleModel(models.Model):
   date = models.DateField()
   value = models.IntegerField()

subquery = SampleModels.objects.filter(
    date__gte=models.OuterRef('date') - timedelta(days=2),
    date__lte=models.OuterRef('date') + timedelta(days=2),
queryset = SampleModel.objects.annotate(

According to the documentation on OuterRef 

Use OuterRef when a queryset in a Subquery needs to refer to a field from 
> the outer query. It acts like an F 
> <>
>  expression 
> except that the check to see if it refers to a valid field isn’t made until 
> the outer queryset is resolved.

Since it states that it acts "like" an F expression, I assumed that 
utilizing a timedelta would be permissible. However, I receive the 
following traceback:

AttributeError: 'ResolvedOuterRef' object has no attribute 'relabeled_clone'

 I was able to find someone else that is having this problem on 
I would like to confirm whether this is a bug or a lack of clarification in 
the documentation. F expressions allow operations such as timedelta on 

Thanks for your help/advice in advance!

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