Thanks, this fixed my issue. 

On Tuesday, 12 April 2016 04:28:21 UTC+1, thinkwell wrote:
> I'd parked this problem for quite some time, until it finally became 
> incontestably necessary to wrestle the issue to the ground.
> What I found, after many hours of experimenting - too much like the random 
> walk, I suppose, is that every time I overrode setUpClass, I also had to 
> override tearDownClass. Before, if I had nothing to clean up after the 
> test, I wouldn't bother overriding tearDownClass.
> When I went to all my tests and added 
> @classmethod
> def tearDownClass(cls):
>      pass
> Then my problems went away. I reckon that's in the docs somewhere. But it 
> seems to me that tearDownClass should be able to degrade more gracefully. 
> :weary:

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