I'm trying to build an email notification system, and would appreciate some 


   1. New item created & user assigned to instance
   2. Existing item edited & user assigned to instance
   3. Comment added to object where user is involved
   4. Item date field expires & user opts in to this notification type & 
   user part of item's project

My thoughts:

   - I can use the post_save signal to trigger a Celery task that sends the 
   - I would need to create a decorator to register models to be monitored
   - I could create a separate notification app so I can build a setting 
   interface that exposes criteria like which projects get monitored.
   - For trigger #2 I can create a celery task that runs at, say, 9am 
   everyday and checks all instances for expired date. It would send an email 
   if the condition is True 
This is as much as I have figured out. I need to work on implementation 
now, but would like some feedback.

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