Am Mittwoch, 14. Februar 2018 14:45:49 UTC+1 schrieb Adler Neves:
> You can have an OneToOneField in the profile referencing Django's User 
> model with `related_name='profile'`, 

Well, i know this and the related entry is accessible even without 
explicitly defining the related_name. You can change defaults defining the 
related_name, tho. 
But still trying to add a UserInline to the ProfileAdmin wont work due to 
the missing FK on the user model.


> About the admin interface changing the model, I guess you're somehow 
> editing `` files. Are you making the migrations, applying them to 
> the database and reloading the server? If you're not persisting changes 
> that way, how do you patch models in memory every startup and ensure 
> database schema is compatible with your models?

Just for clarification, i dont do any mysterious magic: the property works 
like this:

def username(self):
    return self.user.username
username.fget.short_description = "Username"

def username(self, username):
    self.user.username = username

So with everything else failing .. although i only want to be able to edit 
this one field of the actual user, it looks like i have to show a useradmin 
with a profile inline admin?
AFAIK this can only be done with a separate admin site, because there can 
only be one Admin for any model thats why i wanted to have some other 

Maybe someone knows a better solution?


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