Here is an example of get_choices() output ... it comes from a method on the Question model.

 [('A', 'A - Once?'), ('B', 'B - Twice?'), ('C', 'C - Four times?'), ('D', 'D - Twelve times?'), ('E', 'E - Continously as changes are made?')]

It is available before the the answer form is instantiated ...

class AnswerSingleForm(forms.ModelForm):

    class Meta:
        model = Answer
        fields = [

So how do I get that set of choices into the Answer form?

I can see from the docs that the form Meta class can have a widgets attribute for the 'answer' field. I think I need a ChoiceField widget so I can include the choices. I tried using __init__() in the form class to get the choices on board at instantiation but still couldn't get it going because class Meta doesn't see 'self'.

Thanks for any help


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