Hi there,

I am using Django 2 with Python 3.5

I have this query, simple, in mysql:

select * from submit_submission where jstatus = 'Running' and juser =

Basically, I have a table that tracks the jobs I am running.

In my html, I'd like to replace this part (in red):

{% if *object_list.last.jstatus* == 'Running' %}

<meta http-equiv="refresh" content="5"> <center><h0>Page automatically
refreshed every 5 seconds | {% now "jS M y H:i" %}</h0></center>

{% else %}<center><h0>No running jobs.</h0></center>

{% endif %}

​with something equivalent to my query above where I need to know if
there's at least one job running for a given user.

I've been looking at
https://docs.djangoproject.com/en/2.0/ref/models/querysets ​but I couldn't
work out a solution.

​Many thanks in advance,


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