The thing that gets me is this part:

.../django/db/models/fields/ in to_python
>                 return uuid.UUID(value) ...
> /usr/local/lib/python3.6/ in __init__
>             hex = hex.replace('urn:', '').replace('uuid:', '') ...
> During handling of the above exception ('UUID' object has no attribute 
> 'replace'), another exception occurred:

If you dig into the code, it looks like (based on the exception) a UUID is 
being passed into the UUID constructor. But the lines before that 
constructor call happens check to see if it's a UUID. I'm wondering if I'm 
somehow getting two different UUID classes. I have noticed in the python 
path that there are two paths to .../lib/python3.6. One from my virtualenv, 
and one at /usr/local/.  Not sure where to clear that up, since I don't 
believe I've got my apache env set up to pull from both places.

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