I have a user who saw how new objects can be created using the Admin forms, 
and asked if I could reproduce some of that functionality.  I'm still new 
to Django, and even newer to building forms.  I'm wondering if there is a 
way to "borrow" elements from the Admin forms into my own forms and 
templates.  Particularly, I would like the ability to create a new related 
object by clicking the "+" sign next to that dropdown list on another form.

I have not been able to find much documentation on how the Admin forms are 
constructed for a given Django project.  I understand the basic form 
construction method, but I can't seem to find the equivalent workings in 
the Admin site.  Where is the equivalent of urls.py, where the links are 
mapped to specific Views?  Where are the equivalents of the Views, where a 
context is created and sent to the template?

I would like to get more familiar with the working code behind Django, and 
eventually contribute to the project, so feel free to get technical.


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