On Tuesday, 3 April 2018 22:17:34 UTC+1, Simon Connah wrote:
> Hi, 
> Apologies as this is a newbie question. 
> I have a Model, a CBV CreateView and a ModelForm. 
> The ModelForm is set to use the model, and the model has a field called 
> author which is a ForeignKey to default Django auth User model. 
> I have removed the author field from the ModelForm as if I allow it the 
> form widget shows a list of all of the registered users on the website. 
> What I need to do is pre-populate the ModelForm with self.request.user 
> from the CreateView. I've tried doing it in the form_valid() method but 
> can't seem to get it working. As soon as a user creates an instance of the 
> Model, I want the author to always equal self.request.user. 
> I have a feeling you filter the ModelForm only to show the logged in user 
> but I'm a bit stuck on that front. Perhaps you have to pre-populate the 
> field in the ModelForm and then use a HiddenInput for the author field in 
> the ModelForm? 
> Any help would be appreciated. 
> Thank you. 

No, the right approach is to do it in form_valid as you tried initially. 
This is explicitly 

If you're having trouble, you need to be more specific than "I can't get it 

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