“django-todo is a *pluggable*, multi-user, multi-group, multi-list todo and 
ticketing system - a reusable app designed to be dropped into any existing 
Django project. Users can create tasks for themselves or for others, or 
create ”assigned tasks” that will be filed into a specific list (public 

That was the original project description, and it hasn’t changed in 10+ 

When I first created django-todo, it was a simple “let’s learn Django” 
project idea. I open sourced it, it’s been relatively successful, and the 
project has received numerous contributions over the years (grateful!). 
When I heard that it wasn’t compatible with Django 2.0, I looked back on 
that dusty old code and realized it was time for a major refactor/upgrade. 

The update started small, but by the end, I had made 75 commits and written 
the first suite of working tests (finally!). Virtually every module and 
template has been refactored, I  adopted Bootstrap as the default layout 
engine, and finally got around to creating a live demo site for the project.

django-todo 2.0 requires Django 2.0 and Python 3.x  - no apologies. 
Unfortunately, this is a backwards-incompatible update (you’ll need to 
migrate old data manually, if you have any).

Hope it’s useful to a few teams or individuals out there. Contributions 
still very much welcome.

Demo site: http://django-todo.org/

Docs: http://django-todo.readthedocs.io/

Github: https://github.com/shacker/django-todo

Demo host site (which runs django-todo.org): https://github.com/shacker/gtd

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