my code actually worked. I thought it was going to save the excel file to
'C:\excel' folder so i was looking for the file in the folder but i
couldn't find the excel file. The excel file was actually exported to my
django project folder instead.

How to i allow the end user to be able to download the file to their
desktop instead of exporting it to the server itself

On Mon, Apr 16, 2018 at 3:27 PM, sum abiut <> wrote:

> I wrote a function to export sql query to an excel file, but some how the
> excel file wasn't created when the function was call. appreciate any
> assistances
> here is my
> def download_excel(request):
>     if "selectdate" in request.POST:
>         if "selectaccount" in request.POST:
>             selected_date = request.POST["selectdate"]
>             selected_acc = request.POST["selectaccount"]
>         if selected_date==selected_date:
>             if selected_acc==selected_acc:
>                 convert=datetime.datetime.strptime(selected_date, 
> "%Y-%m-%d").toordinal()
> engine=create_engine('mssql+pymssql://username:password@servername /db')
>                 connection = engine.connect()
>                 metadata=MetaData()
> fund=Table('gltrxdet',metadata,autoload=True,autoload_with=engine)
> rate=Table('gltrx_all',metadata,autoload=True,autoload_with=engine)
> stmt=select([fund.columns.account_code,fund.columns.description,fund.columns.nat_balance,fund.columns.rate_type_home,rate.columns.date_applied,rate.columns.date_entered,fund.columns.journal_ctrl_num,rate.columns.journal_ctrl_num])
> stmt=stmt.where(and_(rate.columns.journal_ctrl_num==fund.columns.journal_ctrl_num,fund.columns.account_code==selected_acc,rate.columns.date_entered==convert))
>                 df = pd.read_sql(stmt,connection)
>                 writer = pd.ExcelWriter('C:\excel\export.xls')
>                 df.to_excel(writer, sheet_name ='bar')


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