Hi!! I need a basic example of a program with channels 2.x (Django 2.x) 
that when it fulfills a condition, it calls a task celery 4.x and updates 
its status in a message in the html. (for 
example https://vincenttide.com/blog/1/django-channels-and-celery-example/)

But i have the following error in consumer.py in "def mensaje": *raise 
ValueError("No handler for message type %s" % message["type"]):*

Mi code in *consumers.py*:

from channels.generic.websocket import AsyncJsonWebsocketConsumerfrom .tasks 
import PruebaCeleryclass Consumer(AsyncJsonWebsocketConsumer):
    async def connect(self):
        await self.accept()
        print("[BACK]:Cliente conectado")

    async def disconnect(self, close_code):
        return None

    async def receive_json(self, contenido):

            if True:
                print("[BACK]:Datos recividos",contenido)
                await self.mensaje(contenido)

    async def mensaje(self, contenido):
        print("[BACK]:Si se cumple la condicion se envia mensaje")
        TipoFiltro = contenido["Clave_Tipo_Filtro"]
        if TipoFiltro == "Filtro_Paso_Bajo":
            mensaje = PruebaCelery.delay(self.channel_name)
            print ("hola %s" %str(mensaje["text"]))
            print ("Task ID: %s" %mensaje)
            await self.send("Task ID: %s" %str(mensaje))
            await self.send("se ha ejecutado celery")
            print("no entra")

        return None

Mi code in *tasks.py*:

#De celery
from Filtros.celery import app
import json
from channels.layers import get_channel_layer
from asgiref.sync import AsyncToSync

def PruebaCelery(channel_name):
    # responder al cliente
    channel_layer = get_channel_layer()
                {"type": "Test",
                 "text": json.dumps("Hi im celery"),

Mi code in *html*: *how could I print "hi im celery" in the html?*

*<script type="text/javascript">//Envio de la conexion del front al 
back.function onOpen(evt) {    console.log("[FRONT]:El websocket ha sido 
conectado");    websocket.send(JSON.stringify({data: "[FRONT]:El websocket 
esta conectado...ahora estas conectado con el front"}));}//Recepcion datos 
del back al frontfunction onMessage(evt) {    console.log("[FRONT]:Mensaje 
recibido del back al front:" + evt.data);}//Conexion del websocketfunction 
setupWebSocket() {    prefix = "ws";    websocket = new WebSocket(prefix + 
"://"  + location.host + "/Crear_FPB/");    websocket.onopen = 
function(evt) { onOpen(evt); };    websocket.onmessage = function(evt) { 
onMessage(evt); };}//Envio de los datos del formulario del front al 
back.function runButton() {    var variables_FPBajo = {        
Clave_Tipo_Filtro: "Filtro_Paso_Bajo",        Clave_Ap_db: 
$("#Valor_Ap_db").val(),           Clave_Medida_Ap_db: 
$("#Medida_Ap_db").val(),        Clave_As_db: $("#Valor_As_db").val(),      
  Clave_Fp_Hz: $("#Valor_Fp_Hz").val()    };    

Mi code in *routing.py*:

from django.urls import path

#from channels.http import AsgiHandler
from channels.routing import ProtocolTypeRouter, URLRouter
from channels.auth import AuthMiddlewareStack

from F_Paso_Bajo.consumers import Consumer

application = ProtocolTypeRouter({

    # Channels will do this for you automatically. It's included here as an 
    # "http": AsgiHandler,

    # Route all WebSocket requests to our custom chat handler.
    # We actually don't need the URLRouter here, but we've put it in for
    # illustration. Also note the inclusion of the AuthMiddlewareStack to
    # add users and sessions - see 
    "websocket": AuthMiddlewareStack(
            # URLRouter just takes standard Django path() or url() entries.
            # URL del javascript
            path("Crear_FPB/", Consumer),


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