On Monday, 4 June 2018 16:00:09 UTC+10, Bernd Wechner wrote:
> Say I have a page on my Django website (because I do) that I would like to 
> take a snapshot of on an automated basis on the server itself with a 
> crontab say. I imagine writing a small python script that I could run, that 
> loads Django, a settings file, knows a URL and has a way of saying "give me 
> the rendered page for that URL please" and save it in a file. 
> On way of course is open port 80 or 443, send an HTTP request and get the 
> HTTP response. But there is probably a better way that leaves the web and 
> UWSGI servers right out of the equation and just runs Django template 
> rendering code or a view itself and nabs the result.
> As usual, I'm both confident this is possible and that I'll nut out a way 
> to do it, but am throwing it out there in case:
> a) there's a canonical way to do this already that can be recommended
> b) I can save myself some time reading and experimenting if anyone whose 
> done this already shares their experience
> I will raise the bar one on the original question while I'm here, and 
> raise the spectre of autorun on page load javascript that the page may 
> have. Makes it hairier by a step. But it's not unusual for javascript to do 
> some rendering on page load - I have a page or two like that ;-), In that 
> case neither of these strategies are likely to work and either one might if 
> coupled with what would basically need to be, a rendering engine like 
> mozilla's. Does Python offer that I wonder, a way to pump a response (with 
> embedded Javascript) into a rendering engine and then save (or request) the 
> rendered page?
> Kind regards,
> Bernd.

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