Hi John,

On 2018-07-11 21:48, john speny wrote:
i want to see that congratulation for running your first app message that appears when you first run your server for the first time on ur pc web browser. i want to see it on my phone.soo help me

Run the development server like:

python manage.py runserver

Then you should be able to access the Django development site by using your PCs ip address on your phone assuming you're on the same network.

You will probably have to add your PCs IP address to the ALLOWED_HOSTS variable in settings.py, but there will be a nice error page explaining that.

For making sure the site looks good on smaller devices (eg. phones) during development, I personally use Chrome/Chromiums developer tools which has a nice option to show the page at lower resolution accessible with Ctrl+Shift+M. That way you don't have to constantly look on your phone.

Hope that helps.

Kind regards,

Kasper Laudrup

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