On donderdag 12 juli 2018 17:13:52 CEST Carlo Ascani wrote:
> Il giorno gio 12 lug 2018 alle ore 16:44 Melvyn Sopacua
> <m.r.sopa...@gmail.com> ha scritto:
> > First and foremost: awesome job.
> Thank you!
> > On donderdag 12 juli 2018 14:38:16 CEST Carlo Ascani wrote:
> > > More details, if interested:
> > > https://gitlab.com/2pxsolidblack/django-marple
> > 
> > Your requirements.txt is a straight dump of pip freeze, including the `-e
> > .`. That's not maintainable.
> mmm that requirements.txt is needed only for the demo project,
> I suppose I could leave that out from the package...?

It's convention that requirements.txt is for the project. You could leave it 
out, or you could rename it to requirements-demo.txt so it's clear what it's 
for. Would also make setting up "my own demo" easier.

> > I would worry about scaling: it's rather large in setup, so if for
> > instance I would load bootstrap 4's scss, would this be a gigantic long
> > page and menu?
> That's an amazing feedback, will work on that, thank you!

Normally, I setup:
scss/bootstrap.scss scss/bootstrap/variables.scss scss/bootstrap/color-
variables.scss and maybe a few others that override the standard bootstrap 
settings and reference the package files in node_modules/ for the originals.

I wouldn't need documentation on the original bootstrap files, in fact, I'd 
like my style guide to show only the files in scss/* not references in those 
files to locations outside of it.

Maybe a little more complex so a long term goal for you :)

Melvyn Sopacua

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