On Tue, 2008-09-09 at 10:35 +0200, Thomas Guettler wrote:
> I use Postgres supports nested transaction by using savepoints.
> Unfortunately I can't get it working: I try to use savepoints, but they 
> get lost
> as soon is the commit_on_success decorator sends COMMIT.

That's how savepoints work, yes. They're not exactly the same as nested
transactions, since the transaction overrides everything. Savepoints
give you saved points within a transaction, but not more than that.

> I guess I need to convert all commit_on_success decorators to
> a new commit_on_success_unless_inside_transaction decorator.
> Any idea how to solve this?

Write a new database backend that inherits pretty much everything from
the postgresql backend, but overrides the _commit and _rollback methods
of the BaseDatabaseOperations class. Then use that backend for your


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