Hello all-

I recently filed a bug about incorrect SQL generation, and Malcom
Tredinnick said that the example SQL I provided couldn't be correct,
because there was an extra LIMIT clause that shouldn't be there. After
poking around for a bit, I realized that everytime I was executing my
query in the IPython shell, it was appending a LIMIT 21 to the SQL,
but this limit clause wasn't being appended if the query was part of a
regular python process. Both queries are run against SQLite 3.

I uploaded a small test case here that demonstrates this behaviour:


It is possible that I have poor python-fu, or is this known behaviour?
Is it possible that Django is truncating the result list because
IPython won't show all results anyway?

I have tried searching the Django codebase, and the mailing list, but
to no avail.


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