I just completed a series of updates to DL to allow the generation of
grants from the REST API.

This was done mainly to support generating grants directly from
Thunderbird. The new add-on adds a new command (under Tools), and a new
toolbar item (that you have to drag-in manually) that generate a new
grant and insert the URL in the current message automatically.

Screenshot here:


If you want to test the new add-on, here's a pre-release:


To test it though you'll need to update DL to the current git's master
branch of course.

Likewise, the command lile clients have also been updated to generate
grants. "dl-cli -g [address]" will now generate and print a grant.

By the way, the current DL icon in the Thunderbird extension (which is
also used in several other places) sucks. Any help here would be

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