I created two new mailing lists for DL:

* dl-announ...@thregr.org
* dl-translat...@thregr.org

"dl-announces" is a *read-only* list for those who are only interested
in project updates. The only posts will be about official, security and
RC release availability. No discussions and no other posts allowed.

A few people requested this already. You can unsubscribe from this list
through <dl-ticket-service+unsubscr...@thregr.org> and re-subscribe to
<dl-announces+subscr...@thregr.org> as you like.

"dl-translators" is for the language translators coordination. It will
contain translation requests with extra details (such as the one
previously sent individually). Official translators are already
subscribed, but the list is otherwise open for anybody interested.

Instructions have also been added to the official documentation:


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