On Wed, 30 Jul 2014, Greg Bailey wrote:

> I've filed a formal review request at:
> https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=1124994

a current rpmlint run ... 

Please amend to remove the 'dl' in the indicate places

[herrold@centos-6 dl]$ rpmlint dl-0.12-1.orc6.src.rpm
dl.src: W: summary-not-capitalized C dl: Download Ticket 
dl.src: W: name-repeated-in-summary C dl
1 packages and 0 specfiles checked; 0 errors, 2 warnings.
[herrold@centos-6 dl]$


[herrold@centos-6 dl]$ rpmlint 
dl.noarch: W: summary-not-capitalized C dl: Download Ticket 
dl.noarch: W: name-repeated-in-summary C dl
dl.noarch: W: incoherent-version-in-changelog 0.12-1 
        ['0.12-1.orc6', '0.12-1.orc6']
dl.noarch: E: htaccess-file 
        perhaps name this as a:

dl.noarch: E: incorrect-fsf-address 
        patch needed upstream at dl

dl.noarch: E: incorrect-fsf-address 
        and again

dl.noarch: E: version-control-internal-file 
        rm the indicated file from inclusion in the packaging

dl.noarch: E: incorrect-fsf-address 
        as above

dl.noarch: E: htaccess-file /usr/share/dl/include/.htaccess
        as above -- a rename

dl.noarch: E: non-standard-dir-perm /var/spool/dl 0770L
        interesting -- I would expect 1777 here -- is there an 
        unsafe directory issue we had missed

dl.noarch: W: doc-file-dependency 
        this should be whitelisted, but /bin/sh is o course 
        portable -- can it be changed to such

dl.noarch: W: dangerous-command-in-%post chown
        perhaps handle in a %files section

1 packages and 0 specfiles checked; 7 errors, 5 warnings.
[herrold@centos-6 dl]$

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