DL 0.13 is now officially available for download at:


Changes from RC1:

* Updated translations (French/German/Spanish/Czech).
* The "select all" checkbox didn't work properly and was fixed.

Thanks to all the testers, translators and contributors.

Complete release notes:

dl 0.13: 31/07/2014

* The "Active tickets/grants" pages for administrators now show only their own
  tickets, like for normal users. Other tickets are visible in the new "All
  tickets/grants" pages.
* Upload progress information is now implemented client-side using HTML5/JS,
  which is both more responsive and waives any PHP configuration/version
* Ticket/grant/user listings can now be sorted by clicking on the table header.
* The date/time format can now be customized.
* Spaces in uploaded file names are now correctly preserved.
* The REST interface can now be used with the built-in authentication method
  without additional configuration *also* when using apache/fcgi.
* The REST interface now supports a method to generate grants.
* The Thunderbird add-on now includes a new menu command (under "Tools") and a
  new toolbar icon in the composer window to generate and insert grants in the
  current message.
* Added Brazilian Portuguese and Czech localizations (thanks to Guilherme
  Benkenstein and Jan Štětina).
* Minor bug/cosmetic fixes.

DL 0.12 is the last release offering an upgrade path from DL 0.3. Version 0.13
can only upgrade from 0.4 and above. If you have an old installation, you'll
need to perform a two step upgrade using an earlier release.

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