On 09/23/2014 10:37 AM, Michael Bunk wrote:
>> I have found the problem,
>> it is the paramater magic_quotes_gpc=On which differs from you indication.
>> Unfortunately another virtual web site on the same web server, Apache/2.2.16
>> (Debian), needs  the value "On" .

Which PHP version is this?

>> For some reasone newticket post command works but newgrant fails with such a
>> setting.

With PHP 5.6 this setting is not even available anymore, so I'm even
reluctant to look into it. Software relying on magic_quotes_gpc is
broken by design.

>> I tried to override the parameter with the option
>> php_flag magic_quotes_gpc Off within .htaccess  
>> and/or php.ini in the /dlticksvc/ directory but it didn't work
>> Have you any hints in how to achieve this overriding?

>From the PHP manual:

| The magic_quotes_gpc directive may only be disabled at the system
| level, and not at runtime. In otherwords, use of ini_set() is not an
| option.

> Try to set the flag in the apache config directly instead of .htaccess:
> http://stackoverflow.com/a/11539059/2725226

which with mod_php this would have the same limitation.

With suPHP (http://www.suphp.org/) you can have a separate environment
(including a different php.ini), which would allow you to run both

Of course, this is for old PHP setups.

With a more recent PHP version you could directly use php-fpm to the
same extent.

As a last resort, you can run DL with a different apache process, and
then use a reverse proxy from the main server to make it invisible. It's
a heavy-handed approach, but it *will* work.

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