The first release candidate of DL 0.14 is available for download at:

Besides other changes, DL 0.14 now does extensive logging of all error 
conditions server-side. Previously DL would just return an HTTP error code, 
without further information for the administrator.

The new default is to log all errors to PHP's error log if $logFile is left 
unconfigured (that is, errors are always logged). If syslog or a file is being 
used for logging, the log will now also include errors with the appropriate log 

DL 0.14 does not introduce database changes. Rollback to the previous version 
is safe.

Release notes so far:

dl 0.14:

* Fixed broken ``Content-Length`` header with the Apache/mod_php/mod_deflate
  combination, which would prevent downloads to be resumed.
* The built-in skin can now be changed in the configuration file.
* A word-around has been found to allow PHP 5.4-5.5 to upload files up to 4GB
  (note that starting with PHP 5.6 there is no upload size limitation).
* Logging of server-side errors has been improved.

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