Thank you for clarify this, it makes sense now.

I figure out where the mistake in my nginx configuration was, it's working now (I'm using subdomain, not subfolder).

Best regards!

Dne 25.10.2014 18:16, Yuri D'Elia napsal(a):
On 10/24/2014 06:04 PM, "Jan B. Kolář" wrote:
I tested your config, it's working with one little problem. If I remove
header that I send before, browser (Firefox) not asking for credentials
on "rest.php" file. I can use Thunderbird  extension without problem -
that mean it's working. But browser don't show up username/password window.
I will rectify this sentence. The username/password prompt is requested
by the web server when using external authentication only.

I know it's problem of Nginx, but maybe you can help me with with
another little think. With your setup, if I try to enter /include/
directory, I always get back url "/include/=404" and my browser said,
that server is redirecting to itself.
Probably a missing space in the try_files directive.

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