Is there any developer in this list with android development experience?
I'd like to implement a simple "DL" client for Android using the "share"

The basic idea that an user could just click the "share" icon and select
DL as one of the options. The client would then generate a ticket using
the content, and prompt again for sharing the _resulting_ URL.

For example, you could go to the gallery, select an image, click share
-> DL -> another share prompt -> email -> the URL is inserted into the
body as text.

This is how "Send Reduced" works
and works quite well once understood. It doesn't "plug" into any
application in particular, and allows the URL to be shared through
chat/sms/you name it.

I've been fantasizing about implementing such a client for a while now.
Does anybody have a better UI/idea on how to implement this?

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