The email address in #2 below got redefined by the news system. It actually shows up on a grant message as nobody (at) example (dot) com.

Kelvin Smith

On 6/12/2015 4:21 PM, Kelvin Smith wrote:
A customer of mine had difficulty finding the grant message to upload a
file to my DL installation, because the message was flagged as spam and
diverted to the recipient's spam folder. As I look at a message, I
understand why: It has only whatever text one has typed in the "Message"
box, plus the link. That makes it look a lot like the "Try this, it
works! As seen on TV!" spam that annoys us all.

1) Is there any way for me to put some standard text of my own choice
into the message? Perhaps it could say something like,

<My Company> File Transfer Service
Please click on the link below to upload your file to our server.

While you might have something like this as a default, ideally this
should be something I as the owner can alter.

2) I just noticed that the grant message has a From address of "ticket
service <>". I would have
expected it to use the address where notification of the upload is sent.
An address like this probably makes it more likely to be identified as

I'm using version 0.15.

Kelvin Smith

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