Yuri D'Elia <wavexx@...> writes:

> On 21/07/15 04:11, John wrote:
> > When I try to execute the following command:
> > 
> > php useradmin.php add "admin" "true" "change me"
> > 
> > (I did it with and without quotes) I get a 500 Unknown command error. Is
> > there anyway to add a username and password directly to the database or
> > useradmin.php file?
> Hi John, where and how did you write the command?
> The error message looks weird to me.

I wrote the command exactly as shown above using putty on my computer.

I followed this part of the readme.txt file:

Internal authentication

Once dl has been installed and PHP is set-up correctly, you have to create
at least one user to be able to log in. User management is handled through
the command line by using the bundled useradmin.php utility.

On the server, execute the following commands with the same user as your web
server (by using su or sudo if necessary):

cd /your-installation-directory/include/scripts
php useradmin.php add "admin" "true" "change me"


    admin is the user name
    true (or false) sets the administrator status
    change me is the password

Repeat as many times as necessary. You should now be able to use the web
service. Other users/administrators can be added through the web interface.

That's where the error came from. As far as external authorization where are
the admin.php and rest.php files.

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