On 27/08/15 17:41, Uwe Luedecke wrote:
> Hello,
> I've installed and configured dl 0.17 on my webspace.
> I've manually ran the sql script for creating tables in my existing database.
> I've created the user name="admin" with pass_ph="password" and Role_ID=1
> directly manually in the database, because I've no access to the filesystem
> and can't run the php scripts to add a user.
> As Webpage I see the login page, but I'm not able to login. If I fill in the
> user and password nothing happens. The login screen is still there.
> Is it a problem with the manually created admin user, because I've filled
> the password in clear text. I've seen in the source code, that it will be
> hashed if you run the add script, or is it only for the md5 hash?
> How can I go forward that dl will work in my enviroment?

pass_ph should be a bcrypt hash.

You could put an md5 hash in pass_md5, and it's going to be migrated to
bcrypt on login.

Upgrading without shell access is going to be a problem currently, though.

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