On 11/09/15 22:37, Gerald wrote:
> Hi all,
> I manage almost 20 PC (win7 pro) and I would like to automate the
> installation of DL for Thunderbird 0.17. I already use WPKG to deploy other
> plugins in thunderbird (quickfolders, lightning...), just by copying the
> folders after unzipping the xpi in C:\Program Files (x86)\Mozilla
> Thunderbird\extensions
> I tried for "DL for thuinderbird" but without success. Is there a way to
> automatically install it? 

I'm afraid I have no idea on how WPKG works, I never deployed
thunderbird sitewide to help you.

But DL for thunderbird doesn't require anything special in that regard.
When doing development, I also just unpack the extension in the
extension directory.

> And next step, a way to automate the creation of a filelink storage service
> using DL?

As for most extensions, it just uses preference keys to store the
configuration settings.

The *required* keys are:

mail.cloud_files.accounts.account[N].type = DL
mail.cloud_files.accounts.account[N].displayName = DL
mail.cloud_files.accounts.account[N].restURL = [URL]
mail.cloud_files.accounts.account[N].username = [username]

where [N] is the index of the first available "filelink" account
(usually 1). [URL] and [username] need to be filled correctly.

There are other keys, but they're populated automatically on the first

I assume there are ways to preconfigure settings if you already have a
sitewide install.

Hope this helps.

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