Maybe this can help you. It's the php script I use to generate base 
configuration for thunderbird.;a=blob_plain;f=root/usr/share/mozilla-mcd/thunderbird.php;hb=HEAD
Once you got something like this running, auto config the DL extension is easy.

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De : Gerald <> 
Date : 15/09/2015  22:01  (GMT+01:00) 
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Objet : [dl-ticket-service] Re: Automate install extension 0.17 in thunderbird 

Gerald <gerald2545@...> writes:

> I just had a look at this repository, and it doesn't exist on my TB install,
> the only available repository in C:\Program Files (x86)\Mozilla
> Thunderbird\distribution\ is extensions and not I have to
> create this sub-folder or can I use the extensions folder?
> I will give a try.
> ....
> Gérald

thanks a lot!!!
deploying to C:\Program Files (x86)\Mozilla
Thunderbird\distribution\extensions didn't work but after creating the
bundles sub-folder and copying the unpacked dl-for-TB plugin, it's fine!!!

Next step, manage to pre-configure this plugin as you are doing

Thank again


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