On 16/09/15 17:03, Daniel Berteaud wrote:
> Hi
> I often use DL to share a simple screenshot, or another "single use"
> image. I think it'd be great for image attachments to be displayed
> inline when someone follow the link (+ buttons to download it). This
> way, most of the time, the image won't be downloaded at all, instead of
> ending in the Download folder just to be seen once ...

It was like that originally (we actually _force_ the download). Since a
"view" counts as a download, and since we force the client not to cache,
you cannot even "save as" if you set "1 download" as a limit.

I think there's room for improvement though. Since you can easily check
for the limit, we can just serve image/* filetypes immediately.

I don't think we even need to put a button to download the image.

Would you file an issue with github for this?

Otherwise I'll just forget.

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