On 10/12/15 21:54, Seb Francis wrote:
> What I was suggesting is that you include such an .htaccess file with
> the distribution, and then people will not need to edit httpd.conf if
> they happen to use fcgi.  And it shouldn't hurt in the case where fcgi
> is not used.

RewriteRule might be disallowed in .htaccess though.

But maybe it's easier to fix an InternalError then, once you see where
it's originating.

Any opinions from others?

>> Note that mod_fcgi buffers the upload into memory, unfortunately.
> Yes, it's a shame, although there are other advantages that fcgi brings
> so we stick with it.

fcgi definitely brings major advantages, I don't know why mod_fcgi
wasn't updated to fix this problem in so many years.

This was actually my major issue with apache before I started looking
elsewhere even for low-load servers.

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