On Fri, Apr 01 2016, Mike Morris <m...@musicplace.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> Thanks to the authors for this handy tool!
> Most of the GUi is pretty self-explanatory, but perhaps I've missed this:
> * Is there currently a way to enter a new email address to send a 2nd
> copy of the ticket to, after the initial send? I expected to see an
> email address field on the Edit Ticket screen, but it's not there.

There's no track of which e-mails a ticket as been sent to. When you put
a list of addresses, DL just composes a list of emails and sends them in
one go for you, nothing fancy.

The easiest option would be to send the link yourself (copy the download
link and you're set).

> Or is there a formal Enhancement Request process I could follow?

What we could add is another field "Resend e-mail to", which makes it
clear that you're sending a *new* email to the requested addresses.

But there's one catch. When creating the ticket, the password is known
and is generally included in the email.

When editing a ticket, the password is no longer known to DL.

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