On 04/01/2016 04:12 AM, Yuri D'Elia wrote:
There's no track of which e-mails a ticket as been sent to. When you put
a list of addresses, DL just composes a list of emails and sends them in
one go for you, nothing fancy.

Actually, that's pretty fancy compared to what I was doing :-)

The easiest option would be to send the link yourself (copy the download
link and you're set).
Yes; definitely what I'll do for now, at least.
What we could add is another field "Resend e-mail to", which makes it
clear that you're sending a *new* email to the requested addresses.
Yeah, that's what I was envisioning; would be great... but
But there's one catch. When creating the ticket, the password is known
and is generally included in the email.

When editing a ticket, the password is no longer known to DL.
That's a big problem... security vs convenience, again!!!

How much trouble would it be to store the ticket password encrypted with same algo as user passwords?

The main things I'd love to see are:

 * Resending essentially identical emails... (copy the URL definitely
   works; I can copy/paste the comments too... so this is just a "nice
   to have" now that I think about it)
 * Being able to get a list of addresses to which a ticket has been sent

Like I said, DL-Ticket is already a huge timesavor (pun intended) over what I was doing, so I know I'm pushing my luck - just thought I'd ask :-)

Thanks for the prompt reply Yuri!!!

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