On Fri, Apr 01 2016, Mike Morris <m...@musicplace.com> wrote:
>> There's no track of which e-mails a ticket as been sent to. When you put
>> a list of addresses, DL just composes a list of emails and sends them in
>> one go for you, nothing fancy.
> Actually, that's pretty fancy compared to what I was doing :-)

The "fanciest" option is really the Thunderbird extension:


[just posting here in case you missed it]
I rarely use the web interface myself.

>> But there's one catch. When creating the ticket, the password is known
>> and is generally included in the email.
>> When editing a ticket, the password is no longer known to DL.
> That's a big problem... security vs convenience, again!!!
> How much trouble would it be to store the ticket password encrypted with
> same algo as user passwords?

The password is hashed for both, so you can only check whether it
matches against the user/ticket, but you cannot recover it.

>   * Resending essentially identical emails... (copy the URL definitely
>     works; I can copy/paste the comments too... so this is just a "nice
>     to have" now that I think about it)
>   * Being able to get a list of addresses to which a ticket has been sent

Just curious here: why do you need to resend? I understand if you missed
one address, but from the above I feel there's something more going on.

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