On Fri, Apr 08 2016, Kelvin Smith <kelvinl...@ez13.com> wrote:
> 1) Have a box for entering text that would be sent along with the upload
> notification to me.

I logged this here:


> 2) Allow users to create their own upload-only account. This should be
> something the owner can decide whether or not to enable, but if I had
> this, then people who want to send me files wouldn't have to ask me for
> a grant first. Notification of the upload would be sent to a standard
> account specified in the configuration.

I too have this problem as of late. For some people I had ongoing
conversations with, generating grants over and over has been annoying.

My idea was to make grants work more in the same spirit as tickets: have
an usage count / time to last usage / total time limit, as for tickets.

If you wanted to give someone a permanent way to exchange files with
you, you would create a "permanent" grant, like you do for tickets.
Otherwise, the grant would default to "unlimited files" (just use the
grant again), with automatic expiry as soon as it's no longer used for a

For existing setups that like the old behavior, you could just set a "1
upload" limit default.

I've logged this here, as this is not exactly a "new" idea:


but there's increasing pressure in our institute to tackle at
least it within a few months.

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