The current master finally contains *both* the ability to perform
multiple uploads and the same grant re-use logic as currently used in
tickets (see

I had to rework the way the submit forms are built, in order to reduce
clutter. The new forms allow to set the expiry logic just as "automatic
/ single use / no expiration / custom", where "custom" brings out the
verbose parameters.

In the new grant form, this setting is available twice: one for the
grant, and one for the resulting ticket. Both default to automatic,
which means "use server defaults".

With the new logic and defaults, grants effectively create a reverse
upload channel that can be used as many times as needed. Since the
creator is always in control, abuse (if any) can quickly be quenched.

In the grant upload form, the ticket parameters are now called "upload
parameters" for clarity. Tickets created via grants are now tracked, and
my plan is to move those in a separate "uploads" page, so you can
quickly see what you're sending vs what you received. An alternative
would be to list each upload under the respective grant in the "active
grants" page.

The UI is unfinished in places, but if you want to see some changes in
behavior, it would be a good idea to give it a spin. There's a DB
upgrade in the way, so don't run this on production systems. Stuff might
change and break. During upgrade, for existing systems, the expiration
logic of existing grants is preserved.

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