On Sun, Mar 19 2017, KEINE ANTWORTADRESSE wrote:
> I need help installing DL on a web server I don't have SSH access to. Is
> installing and using DL in this setting possible?

Not necessarily, but it heavily depends on what you can do on the remote

> I FTPed the DL files to the web server, created a spool directory
> outside of the public directories, modified config.php and so on.

Be sure to check the permissions of the spool directory!

> I have a mySQL database with phpMyAdmin access. I used the provided SQL
> script to setup the db tables. I probably failed inserting a row for an
> admin/user in the relevant table.

Sounds good. You only need to add at least one user in order to login.
This is usually done by useradmin.php, but you can add a temporary
"admin" user directly with the following SQL:

  INSERT INTO user (name, pass_ph, role_id)
  VALUES ('admin', 
'$2a$08$CdNJQJcfdXXY/A99pccq5.EuxCoUGZJbOFZfFf1NFRSR7pxPal0Vy', 1);

the password, in this case, is "test"

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