On Tue, Jul 11 2017, Mike Morris wrote:
>> Would someone be interested by a bootstrap-themed interface? I could give it
>> a quick try if there's any chance it gets merged.

As I wrote in the PR, I'd be good too, as long as it doesn't massively
abuse padding like bootstrap loves to do...

There's so much empty space in web pages today... :/

> I certainly would. Personally I don't care... but these days I get
> pushback from people when the app isn't "modern" and "pretty"... even
> regardless of how functionality compares.

Part of the PHP code in dl though is not really "modern" ;)
There are some parts I would scrap nowdays, and just require JS on the
web interface (this would clean-up the code soooo much).

I realized I started this thing 10 years ago, even before using cvs :/

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