I don't think it would stop me, but out of curiosity:

Please note: DL 0.18 requires a database schema update! Please read the
database upgrade procedure in the README!
is this update backwards compatible, or is the .18 testing a one way trip?

On 07/13/2017 11:26 AM, Yuri D'Elia wrote:
I'd love to make a release for DL 0.18. The largest features I was
aiming for (reusable grants, multi-file uploads) are complete and
reasonably tested. We used these features for months now, I have to say,
I'm quite pleased on how grants work. They should always been this way.

I'm not planning to add more for this release. Only bug fixing. Aside
for testing, check if there is any rewording or phrases you don't like
before starting the translation in various languages.

One of our colleagues here has started work on a prototype Android
client. The client works using sharing intents: you share to DL (which
does the upload), and then it prompts to share the URL. Pretty slick.
The code is very crude (no async, no UI yet), so if you want to help,
please get in touch.

The current major changes since DL 0.17 are:

* Support for multiple file uploads in both tickets and grants. When multiple
   files are attached, a Zip archive is automatically created with the contents.
   The PHP "Zip" extension is now required.
* The grant comment assigned during creation is now shown in both the tooltip
   of the grant list and in email notifications involving grant usage.
* When using a grant, the user can now attach a comment alongside the uploaded
   file/s. The comment is sent back to the grant owner in the notification.
* Tickets generated while using a grant were incorrectly calculating the expiry
   from the grant *creation* time, resulting in premature expiration. Ticket
   expiry is now calculated starting at actual *upload* time.
* Tickets now show the generating grant ID in the edit/detailed view.
* The ticket and grant expiration parameters have been streamlined for common
   usage patterns, becoming mostly self-explanatory.
* Ticket/grant passwords where previously included in email notifications.
   The password sending policy can now be controlled at ticket creation time,
   and defaults to sending the password only when automatically generated.
* Important PHP settings are now preset in the bundled ``htdocs/.htaccess``
   file for the Apache/mod_php combination.
* Simplified Chinese translation by Guangyu Dong.
* Russian translation by Олейник О.В.
* The Thunderbird add-on has been updated to support Thunderbird 52.
* General ``dl-cli`` overhaul:

   - dl-cli now runs under both python 3 and python 2.7, preferring python 3
   - The password can be read from an external command using ``passcmd``
   - Public-key pinning is now supported through the ``fingerprint`` option
   - Multiple files can now be uploaded in a single ticket (for efficiency,
     dl-cli generates a Zip archive locally before uploading)
   - The ConfigObj module is now required

Please note: DL 0.18 requires a database schema update! Please read the
database upgrade procedure in the README!

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