I'm seeing an issue with DL 0.17 with files > 2GB

After setting apache and PHP to support larger files, I can upload 5GB files correctly (through a ticket or a grant), I can see them in the spool dir, and they have the correct size. The problem is when downloading them through DL, they are truncated à 2GB exactly. After digging a bit, I see that the problem comes from include/ticketr.php where the Content-Length header is set (line 80). Commenting this header makes things work (but is not the solution as we can't have progress this way).

Looking a bit more, I see that the problem is in fact in the DB schema, at least for MySQL, where the size column of the ticket table is a INTEGER, and as such, is limited to 2.147.483.647 (could be limited to 4.294.967.295 if it was unsigned, but it's not, and anyway 4.294.967.295 would be too small too).

It should probably be rised to a UNSIGNED BIGINT

I don't know for the other DB types. I'll try to send a PR if I find some time.



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