The first release candidate of DL 0.18 has been tagged (v0.18-rc1) and
is now available at: (with pre-built 

We moved the DL project to it's own organization to facilitate upcoming
projects. The new official GitHub URL is:

which now contains "dl" and "dl-docker", which can be used to generate
Docker images automatically.

DL 0.18 RC1 is used for coordination and is expected to be stable, but
currently lacks translations and updated user guides. Any help in this
front would be greatly appreciated.

DL 0.18 has been one year in the works and contains major changes:

* Support for multiple file uploads in both tickets and grants. When multiple
  files are attached, a Zip archive is automatically created with the contents.
  The PHP "Zip" extension is now required.
* Grants are now reusable. With the new defaults, senders are no longer
  restricted to a single use/file per grant, but can keep reusing the same link
  as needed. The grant, just like a ticket, is then automatically expired when
  left unused for a certain amount of time.
* The grant comment assigned during creation is now shown in both the tooltip
  of the grant list and in email notifications involving grant usage.
* When using a grant, the user can now attach a comment alongside the uploaded
  file/s. The comment is sent back to the grant owner in the notification.
* Tickets generated while using a grant were incorrectly calculating the expiry
  from the grant *creation* time, resulting in premature expiration. Ticket
  expiry is now calculated starting at actual *upload* time.
* Tickets now show the generating grant ID in the edit/detailed view.
* Tickets generated while using a grant are now split into a separated
  "Received files" page. The "All tickets" page reserved to administrators
  still shows all tickets combined and color-coded.
* The ticket and grant expiration parameters have been streamlined for common
  usage patterns, becoming mostly self-explanatory.
* Ticket/grant passwords were previously always included in notifications. The
  password sending policy can now be controlled at creation time, and defaults
  to sending the password only when automatically generated.
* Ticket and grant invalid access or invalid password attempts are now logged.
* Download of files larger than 2GB would previously fail when using DL with
  MySQL or Postgres. Fix by Daniel Berteaud.
* Important PHP settings are now preset in the bundled ``htdocs/.htaccess``
  file for the Apache/mod_php combination.
* Simplified Chinese translation by Guangyu Dong.
* Russian translation by Олейник О.В.
* The Thunderbird add-on has been updated to support Thunderbird 52.
* General ``dl-cli`` overhaul:

  - dl-cli now runs under both python 3 and python 2.7, preferring python 3
  - The password can be read from an external command using ``passcmd``
  - Public-key pinning is now supported through the ``fingerprint`` option
  - Multiple files can now be uploaded in a single ticket (for efficiency,
    dl-cli generates a Zip archive locally before uploading)
  - The ConfigObj module is now required

Please note: DL 0.18 requires a database schema update! Please read the
database upgrade procedure in the README!

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