Thanks to Johannes Martin, there's now an (experimental) Android client
for DL.

PokéDL (all phuns intended™) allows to send files through sharing
intents: share to “PokéDL” to generate a ticket, and then share the
resulting URL with anything else.

PokéDL currently requires at least Android 4.4+ (KitKat). You can see a
basic introduction and download the APL (a debug build) at:

PokéDL can talk with any DL server version 0.10 and onward, but requires
DL 0.18 or greater when sharing multiple files at once. Multiple
accounts on different servers are also supported.

We're interested in feedback and testing, which has been proven to be
quite hard across the various Android versions. Please report any issue
directly on GitHub:

Once the client has received enough testing, we're planning to
distribute it directly on F-Droid.

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