Il 24/10/2017 20:15, Yuri D'Elia ha scritto:
On Tue, Oct 24 2017, Fulvio Fusco wrote:
I've a problem with the Thunderbird addon: when I convert an attachment
to DL
- the ticket is correctly created on the server
- the link in the email is correctly created
- but the original attachment is not removed from the email.
With previous versions of Thunderbird and of the addon up to a certain
point it was all ok; I cannot say exactly when the malfunction started.

This is likely an old/new issue in Thunderbird itself.

Could the following be related?

It involves attachments coming from network drives.
Multiple instances of this issue exist:

I'm sorry, I can confirm this old issue... my attachments were taken from the network; with local files it's all ok.


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