On 2016/10/13 17:19, Yibin Wang wrote:
Hi Christoph,

Thanks for your reply. Comments inline...

On 2016/10/9 23:16, Christoph Hellwig wrote:

- For regisetr, we should stop iteration on failure, and followed by a
     non-stopping unregister operation.
What do you mean with "non-stopping"?  Currently once register failed
for a path we then ungerigster all paths, and ignore failures (e.g. due
to a down path or an not already registered path).

BTW, did you mean using dm_pr::fail_early as the indication whether
multipath_iterate_devices() should fail early upon failure? If that's the case,
I can't see it is used anywhere except in dm_pr_register().

Please correct me if I am wrong.  Thanks!

That's exactly what I meant - do not stop on failures while doing unregistration.

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