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Thorsten Leemhuis <regressi...@leemhuis.info> wrote:

> JFYI: This issues is tracked in the regression reports for Linux 4.16
> (http://bit.ly/lnxregrep416 ) with this id:
> Linux-Regression-ID: lr#9e195f
> Please include this line in the comment section of patches that are
> supposed to fix the issue. Please also mention the string once in other
> mailinglist threads or different bug tracking entries if you or someone
> else start to discuss the issue there. By including that string you make
> it a whole lot easier to track where an issue gets discussed and how far
> patches to fix it have made it. For more details on this please see
> here: http://bit.ly/lnxregtrackid
> Thx for your help. Ciao, Thorsten

The fix was already merged by Linus on Friday, see:

But moving forward I have no interest in sprinkling external metadata
references in Linux commit headers. 

Seems more like you're engineering something that gives you, and
possibly a select few others, meaning but that is make work for all
Linux maintainers.


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