On Thu, Apr 12, 2018 at 05:43:39PM +0200, Martin Wilck wrote:
> Hi Ben,
> I'm unsure what to do. Do you still reject my patch? Or have you been
> convinced by Hannes and my arguments? 
> Or are you requesting changes? If yes, what? 

I still feel that it's better to make the default config const for
devices that may or may not be ALUA, and let detect_alua figure it out,
rather than allowing multipathd to override a specifically requested
ALUA hardware handler. This is especially true if
get_target_port_group_support() and get_target_port_group succeed, but
get_asymmetric_access_state() fails in detect_alua().  But I don't think
that transient alua errors like this are very likely during multpath
creation, so I not going to reject the patch.

Reviewed-by: Benjmain Marzinski <bmarz...@redhat.com>

> Regards,
> Martin
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