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> I wanted to try to generate some candidate text that would respond to the
> concerns that Bron has raised, but find that I'm not (yet) clear enough
> about underlying details of ARC.  I don't mean technical details, I mean
> conceptual basis.  (And this is in spite of my having been a participant in
> ARC development from the start!)
> So I'm now going to ask for a discussion that produces at least bits of
> text.  When there is convergence on those bits, I'm glad to offer to
> assemble them into some sort of "Concepts and Facilities" summary of ARC.

I think that we have that sort of information scattered around in various
non-spec presentations that have happened regarding ARC. Do you consider
this to be something that should be tackled before or after the
"intent"-related notes in your earlier review notes from the end of July?

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